CANviaUSB is an application I wrote several years ago to help me learning Qt and to introduce myself in the CAN bus communication. The software was first published over a dedicated site, where it has been downloaded over 2000 times. I have decided to open it code since the original source code was laying somewhere on my hard drive almost untouched for the last 6..8 years as it reached a state where it was doing what I needed it for.

CANviaUSB is a simple to use, CAN bus monitor and analysis tool, of CAN bus messages, to help you while developing CAN based applications.

It currently supports the CAN-4-USB-FX/MCP2515 adapter from Zanthic Technologies Inc., the CANUSB adapter from Lawicel and the Tiny-CAN adapter from MHS Elektronik

It was, and it is still very useful for me when I debug embedded systems that are making use of the CAN Bus, and I hope that it will be useful for other as well.


The sources are available on GitHub

A Windows distribution is available here.