Lichtla is an Arduino nano powered home ambient lighting system I made to use as a night light for my children on the corridor that separates the three rooms. The lamp is consuming less than 3 Watts of power that allows it to be turned ON the entire night.

The lamp is basically composed by a 12V power supply, an Arduino nano, a 24 channel PWM LED driver from Adafruit and is connected to 8 RGB LED’s. The components are assembled within a standard casing found in an usual hardware store so that the lamp can be mounted directly on the ceiling and connected to the house electrical system.


The software is randomly and smoothly changing the color of the LED’s every some minutes to accommodate to ALL wishes I’ve got from my children in term of colors to be used.

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CANviaUSB is an application I wrote several years ago to help me learning Qt and to introduce myself in the CAN bus communication. The software was first published over a dedicated site, where it has been downloaded over 2000 times. I have decided to open it code since the original source code was laying somewhere on my hard drive almost untouched for the last 6..8 years as it reached a state where it was doing what I needed it for.

CANviaUSB is a simple to use, CAN bus monitor and analysis tool, of CAN bus messages, to help you while developing CAN based applications.

It currently supports the CAN-4-USB-FX/MCP2515 adapter from Zanthic Technologies Inc., the CANUSB adapter from Lawicel and the Tiny-CAN adapter from MHS Elektronik

It was, and it is still very useful for me when I debug embedded systems that are making use of the CAN Bus, and I hope that it will be useful for other as well.


The sources are available on GitHub

A Windows distribution is available here.